Talecraft Story Creation Card Game List of Cards and Artists

The list and artists’ names below are for the Talecraft Anniversary Deck. For the Original Deck, all illustrations were made by creator Ria Lu.

Ria Lu is the original artist and creator of the game. She designed and drew the original deck and the Mint Tin Edition. For the anniversary deck, she made the Keyword Cards, layout of all the cards and the layout of the box. She also illustrated some of the Archetype Cards.

List of Cards

What are Genre Cards?

These cards represent different story genres, helping users to frame the overall style and theme of their narrative.

What are Archetype Cards?

These cards feature various character archetypes, aiding in the development of characters for the story.

What are Keyword Cards?

These cards include specific elements or concepts meant to inspire plot points or story details.


For the Mint Tin Edition, all art styles follow the original deck’s artwork.



Name Artist
G-01 Adventure Regginald Kira
G-02 Fantasy Regginald Kira
G-03 Historical Regginald Kira
G-04 Horror Regginald Kira
G-05 Inspirational Regginald Kira
G-06 Mystery Regginald Kira
G-07 Romance Regginald Kira
G-08 Sci-Fi Regginald Kira
G-09 Thriller Regginald Kira
A-01 Bureaucrat Rem Gatchalian
A-02 Chosen One Ria Lu
A-03 Christ Figure Joel Chua
A-04 Coquette Patricia Ramos
A-05 Competent Man Jan Carlos Ramos
A-06 Corrupted Hero Michael Dulay
A-07 Dandy Nicoy Guevarra
A-08 Dark Lord Chezka Sunit
A-09 Evil Albino Mitzi Bajet
A-10 Ferryman Ria Lu
A-11 Haunted Hero Ria Lu
A-12 Ingenue Patricia Ramos
A-13 Lovable Rogue Audrey Ang
A-14 Monstrous Adolescent Elbert Or
A-15 Outlaw Moshi Dokyo
A-16 Rake Nick Trinidad
A-17 Reclusive Genius Ria Lu
A-18 Reluctant Hero Moshi Dokyo
A-19 Reluctant Villain Mitzi Bajet
A-20 Repentant Traitor Carlo Clemente
A-21 Siren Ledelou Apale
A-22 Tomboy Nick Trinidad
A-23 Vigilante Rem Gatchalian
A-24 Wrathful Father Ria Lu
K-01 Amulet Ria Lu
K-02 Betrothal Ria Lu
K-03 Blackmail Ria Lu
K-04 Blindness Ria Lu
K-05 Blood Ria Lu
K-06 Body Painting Ria Lu
K-07 Book Ria Lu
K-08 Cat Ria Lu
K-09 Church Ria Lu
K-10 Clock Ria Lu
K-11 Cries in the Night Ria Lu
K-12 Curse Ria Lu
K-13 Diamond Ria Lu
K-14 Disease Ria Lu
K-15 Dragon Ria Lu
K-16 Hair Ria Lu
K-17 Mask Ria Lu
K-18 Mirror Ria Lu
K-19 Moon Ria Lu
K-20 Music Box Ria Lu
K-21 Pandemic Ria Lu
K-22 Perfume Ria Lu
K-23 Photograph Ria Lu
K-24 Rescue Ria Lu
K-25 Rivalry Ria Lu
K-26 Sacrifice Ria Lu
K-27 Ship Ria Lu
K-28 Slavery Ria Lu
K-29 Split Personality Ria Lu
K-30 Test Ria Lu
K-31 Time Machine Ria Lu
K-32 Tomb Ria Lu
K-33 Transformation Ria Lu
K-34 Twins Ria Lu
K-35 Wings Ria Lu
K-36 Pick Genre Ria Lu
K-37 Pick Archetype Ria Lu
K-38 Swap Card Ria Lu


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