How To Play Talecraft

Talecraft the Story Creation Card Game can be played solo or as a group. In group settings, it can be played for fun or as a competition. There are no point systems for using Talecraft. For competition settings, we suggest assigning a third-party judge. Below are several types of game plays for the card game. If you have a new way to play the game, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Red Cards

Also known as Genre Cards. These cards represent different story genres, helping users to frame the overall style and theme of their narrative.

Blue Cards

Also known as Archetype Cards or Character Cards. These cards feature various character archetypes, aiding in the development of characters for the story.

Yellow Cards

Also known as Keyword Cards. These cards include specific elements or concepts meant to inspire plot points or story details.

How to play

To play Talecraft, the deck is divided into genre, archetype, and keyword piles. Players shuffle each pile separately and then draw one card from the genre pile, two from the archetype pile, and six from the keyword pile. Using these cards, players are prompted to create a story. In the Anniversary Edition, only three keycards are drawn instead of six.

Using these six card prompts, the player must create a story. It is up to the player if they set a time limit for the game.

In live competitions, the host selects the cards, ensuring each contestant uses the same set. Contestants have fifteen minutes to develop their story and then present it to a live audience or a panel of judges. This format emphasizes creative and spontaneous storytelling.


Classic Game

Playing with a Group

List of Cards

Here are the list of cards and the artists who contributed to the artworks.

Sample Stories

Read stories on our advocacy site,

This game is one of my go to games with my friends wayback! I still have the first edition Talecraft and I’m happy that you guys are making a comeback, I hope i can order your new set soon.

— Shuffle Emporium


As a writer and educator, Talecraft is a world of possibilities. One prompt can lead to countless different adventures on a page. The cards inspire a structured yet free-flowing approach to story creation, making the daunting task of writing manageable and immensely fun. The call to stories and challenges prompts me as a writer to go beyond the box and write something new.”

— Teacher Maita, Talecrafter for 17 years.

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