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The Talecraft Story Creation Card Game is a card game that assists in the formation and progression of stories. It was initially introduced in 2007. In 2023, an Anniversary Deck was introduced and sold via Amazon.com

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Talecraft.org is a vibrant environment that prominently features content that draws inspiration from the game. The website exhibits a wide range of narratives and stories, all of which originate from the imaginative challenges presented in the Talecraft Story Creation Card Game.

How to Play

To play Talecraft, the deck is divided into genre, archetype, and keyword piles. Players shuffle each pile separately and then draw one card from the genre pile, two from the archetype pile, and six from the keyword pile. Using these cards, players are prompted to create a story. 

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"I can't belive it's been 17 years!"

– User

"Talecraft is an excellent mental exercise in storytelling. It drives creativity by pushing players into building cohesive stories given the tools provided per game. If you have a goal of becoming a Dungeon Master in D&D, this is a good stepping stone towards it."

Jay Mata

"As a writer and educator, Talecraft is a world of possibilities. One prompt can lead to countless different adventures on a page. The cards inspire a structured yet free-flowing approach to story creation, making the daunting task of writing manageable and immensely fun. The call to stories and challenges prompts me as a writer to go beyond the box and write something new."

-Teacher Maita

"This game is one of my go to games with my friends wayback! I still have the first edition Talecraft and I'm happy that you guys are making a comeback, I hope i can order your new set soon. "

– Shuffle Emporium


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